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  • Echocardiography Atlas edited by Scott D. Solomon, MD

    Echocardiography Atlas edited by Scott D. Solomon, MD

    Edited by Scott D. Solomon, MD, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School

    View examples of normal and abnormal echocardiograms with the Echocardiography Atlas. Access 250 annotated images and 189 videos, encompassing a wide range of cardiac pathology. Zoom and pan echocardiograms, and search for specific diseases, without the need for a network connection.

  • Cardiac ultrasound teaching brought to the iPhone – Echocardiography Atlas medical app gets reviewed

    7/12/2010 by Amit Patel, MD, iMedicalApps

    Cardiac ultrasound represents an often-called-upon imaging modality for diagnosis and surveillance in a wide range of both inpatients and outpatients, including those with myocardial infarctions, congestive heart failure symptoms, cardiomyopathies, congenital valvular abnormalities, suspected endocarditis, and so many more symptom presentations and illnesses.

    Not only should cardiologists be facile with the interpretation of echocardiograms, but many physicians and physicians-in-training can benefit from a familiarity with formal as well as beside ultrasound imaging of the heart.

    Here we review the Echocardiography Atlas App, edited by a Harvard Medical School professor and designed by Modality.

  • New iPhone Study Apps Help You Ace Your Exams

    4/14/2010 by VReitano, Student Stuff

    You need to study and you have an iPhone? You’re in luck! Turns out, many standardized tests have study guides for the iPhone. One of the guides I used in order to prepare for this post is the Princeton Review’s GRE iPhone application, created by Modality. This is just one of the many available applications to help you prepare–and ACE– your standardized tests this year.

  • Frommer's Travel Guides go mobile

    8/12/2008 by Gabrielle Kalika, Mobile Marketer

    Frommer's Travel Guides, a leading publisher of travel guides, has gone mobile with editions for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch mobile devices.

    The new 2008 editions of Frommer's New York, San Francisco, London and Paris guides are available for $9.99 at Apple's App Store and on iTunes for purchase or download. Media player content provider Modality helped with this launch that targets the most mobile Web-savvy demographic among mobile consumers.

    "Travelers have a lot of options for finding basic information about restaurants, hotels and attractions on their mobile devices, but the majority of those listings are either user-generated reviews or machine-generated directories," said Nate O'Keefe, director of publishing at Modality, Durham, NC.