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App review - The Authoritative Pregnancy & Baby Development Application

8/20/2010 by Carol, Mommy Wants Freebies

The Authoritative Pregnancy & Baby Development App

The new Pregnancy & Baby Development app from Modality, created in partnership with leading medical application provider, Epocrates, and, a highly regarded resource of online interactive health education resources, is an authoritative tool that helps expecting parents stay informed, inspired, and organized during this stage of their lives. Follow the miraculous story of a new life forming from the day of conception through the entire first year. Featuring insightful, inspirational commentary from world-renowned doctor and best-selling author Deepak Chopra, MD, and an array of high-quality videos detailing the biology of pregnancy and infant development, this application is your guide to the incredible bond between mother and child.

I was asked to review the new app from Modality, Pregnancy & Baby Development. This app has some great features:

  • Hear from Deepak Chopra, MD, distinguished doctor and author, about the physical and emotional journey of pregnancy and childbirth
  • Access helpful tools like a Conception Calendar, Due Date Calculator, and a database of popular baby names
  • Follow a week-by-week outline of your baby's development with brilliant images from inside the womb, and a month-by-month infant development overview, brought to you by the experts at TheVisualMD
  • Record notes and quickly upload personal photos in your journal
  • Keep track of important journal notes to discuss with your doctor
  • Educate yourself with a comprehensive list of foods to avoid during pregnancy and a thorough infant nutrition guide

Since I downloaded this app I have found it very useful! For instance, I took Dylan and Riley to their 4 month checkup last week and was able to easily document the visit.

I can also add video or photos to the journal, which is helpful to me. Especially when I want to document their growth or issues.

Dylan got a rash on his face the other day. I was able to put the photo into my journal and what his doctor said about it (most likely heat rash since there were no other symptoms) and how to treat it. He's better now!

Overall I find the Pregnancy & Baby Development App to be easy to use and informative! I wish I had it when I was pregnant - the app that I used didn't have a journal feature or the great and informative information this app has.

GET IT! Pregnancy & Baby Development by Modality is available is a FREE App from iTunes or download it directly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch!