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Top 10 iPhone Apps for Back to School

8/14/2010 by Dina, Indy Posted

It’s that time of year again: time to buy school supplies, stock up on lunch bags, arrange your schedule around the scholastic calendar, and prepare your school-age child for the transition from summer to back to school.

Whether you have an elementary school or college age student, you always want to set them off on the right foot for a good academic year. This year, you might consider educational iPhone applications for your iPhone-toting student as part of your back to school planning. Everything from educational games to speed reading instruction can give them a competitive edge when it’s time to crack the textbooks.

Here are the top 10 iPhone apps for back to school:

  1. CliffsNotes-to-Go App for iPhone

    CliffsNotes are the bumblebee-colored savior for high school and college students everywhere, and now students can take their CliffsNotes on the go with this series of $.99 applications. Many different books are available, and the features you’ve come to know and love (and rely on!) with CliffsNotes are still included in the tiny digital package. Truly an invaluable tool for study!

  2. 24/7 Tutor for Spanish App for iPhone

    With Spanish becoming such a popular language in schools today, this 24/7 Tutor free Spanish tutor app is a handy tool for students who are just beginning to learn the language or who need to stay on top of vocabulary as they progress in their studies. If your child isn’t taking Spanish, 24/7 Tutor offers several other free language tutor apps as well.

  3. App for iPhone

    The free dictionary app combines a dictionary and a thesaurus (via so students can better their vocabulary and reading comprehension with a couple taps. It’s a solid piece of software when it comes to thorough definitions and range of available words, and of course, you can’t beat the price!

  4. Exam Support with Andrew Johnson App for iPhone

    While not strictly an educational app, this relaxation app is aimed at students – particularly college age – who are cramming for a big exam. It contains meditations that help them focus and relax to make their studying more effective.

  5. Grockit SAT FlashCards App for iPhone

    An unavoidable aspect of high school life is the SAT exam. And it can also bring with it a great deal of undue anxiety. Help your student wade through the jungle of SAT prep with this simple application that will quiz him/her to increase understanding and retention of SAT-related concepts and methods.

  6. QuickReader App for iPhone

    QuickReader is a stellar application for learning how to speed read. And the further you advance in school the more reading materials you’re given. A student who can read faster while still comprehending what he/she is reading will have a leg up on schoolwork. QuickReader is a one-stop shop for what it takes to train to read at speeds you might’ve though were impossible before.

  7. Graphing Calculator App for iPhone

    High school and college-age students will come to greatly appreciate this fully-featured graphing calculator application, which can effectively replace an expensive standalone scientific calculator for any classes where advanced features and graphing are needed.

  8. Cute Math App for iPhone

    Cute Math is an elementary school game with basic mathematics coupled with bright colors and age-appropriate graphics. It’s eye-catching and it’s something your child will likely want to play voluntarily, in addition to part of a study routine. Since it’s not likely your elementary school-aged child carries his/her own cell phone, it’s one you’d be better off loading on your own phone and loaning to him/her when study time calls…or any time you want to keep him/her entertained in a thoroughly educational way.

  9. Periodic Table of the Elements Names Symbols Quiz App for iPhone

    One of the trickiest subjects for many high school students is chemistry, and this iPhone app will drill them about the very important basis of chemistry practices and principles, the Periodic Table. Really, this application does just what its name suggests. It’s an effective way to get a head start on chemistry studies.

  10. Oregon Trail App for iPhone

    You may know it. You may love it. You may salivate at the thought of introducing this classic game to a whole new generation. This highly entertaining and educational game got its start on ancient computers, but Gameloft has brought it into the iPhone in style. It has all the same elements of strategy and problem-solving that the computer version possessed. Mini games test reflexes and focus. And along the way, your child will learn a lot about a vital era in American history. This is really an application for all ages, so if you load it on your iPhone and loan it to your child to play, you can sneak a game or two in yourself when nobody’s looking.