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Back to school iPhone apps for students of all ages

8/10/2010 by Kate Currin, Appolicious

Whether you are headed to your first day of elementary school or contemplating going back for a graduate level degree, the App Store is filled with iPhone apps to help navigate your way through almost any subject at any level and come out ahead of the game. Here are nine recommended back to school iPhone apps for students of all ages and levels.

Elementary level apps

Your elementary school children might not like fractions, but they will love the Tic Tac Math Fractions app ($4.99). Play together with your child or let them play by themselves. You can select the difficulty level as well. Once your child spends some dedicated time with this learning game app, they will master addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions.

Before your children head back to school, test their fluency with the K12 Timed Reading Practice app ($1.99). The app has more than 250 fiction and non-fiction short stories stretching the Flesh-Kincaid reading levels from 0.0 – 4.7. You can use this app to track one or more of your children’s reading fluency based on words read per minute. The app then calculates their percentage above or below the average reading level and provides recommendations for helping to improve their scores.

When children are first learning to read and study for exams, it’s a good idea to help instill a habit of utilizing the dictionary to look up words they don’t know. Start by downloading the free – Dictionary & Thesaurus app that offers not only definitions but also audio pronunciation and example sentences. A cool extra feature is the word of the day, or you can shake your device for a random word at any time.

High school level apps

High school is all about prepping for college. For those students worried about the college entrance exams, there are a plethora of apps to guide them to their desired campuses. The free SAT Flashcard Review app is a great app to start with to learn more than 5,000 of the vocabulary words that could be on the test. This test prep app allows you to star difficult words for easy study access later.

Some eager students even choose to take college classes early. Check out the AP Biology Review app ($3.99), which focuses on the most relevant biology fundamentals that a student should know after a first year college course in biology. The app also includes 500 sample questions that could pop up on an exam.

If chemistry is more your style than biology, download the Periodic Table of the Elements: Names & Symbols Quiz (99 cents). This app is a chem student’s best friend! You can also challenge your friends to a periodic table quiz-off by posting your scores to your favorite social media sites directly from the app.

College level apps

Easing into college life can take some time and effort. The Exam Support with Andrew Johnson app ($2.99) offers simple ways to relax and focus on the studying task at hand. When all your friends are headed to a kegger, tap into this app to get your studying done.

English and literature classes on a college level accelerate the reading time of a typical high school English class. You are given less time to read and comprehend, so make sure to supplement your reading with the CliffsNotes apps (99 cents each) for classics like “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “Othello” and “The Great Gatsby.” Each book’s app offers character information, character maps, chapter analysis quizzes and a customizable “Cram Plan.”

Continuing education

For those who have successfully obtained their first college degree and are looking to start studying on a master’s plan, check out the Smart Vocab (GRE) app ($4.99). This app helps you learn and memorize vocabulary words that could be on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), which is a standardized test required for admission for many graduate level schools in the United States.