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10 iPhone Study Aids That Every Student Needs

6/24/2010 by Susan Glinert , Computer Shopper

We still remember with fondness the excitement of a new school year. Back then, of course, that excitement centered around blank paper notebooks and fresh pens. Nowadays, the exhilaration is more about consumer electronics: new laptops, new digicams, and perhaps a new iPod Touch or iPhone. If you have been entreating your parents to splurge on an iPod for you, just show them this article and explain how exceptionally useful these programs (and others like them) would be for schoolwork.

Geared toward both high-school and college students, these 10 apps are genuinely valuable for learning, reviewing, and testing your knowledge of core material for the covered subjects. And with these on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can tell your parents that you’ll be able to study anywhere, anytime, with just a click or two of a button!

Although we really liked new pens and clean notebooks, we have to admit that an iPod is much more compelling than an unused ballpoint. You guys are so lucky.

SAT VOCAB CHALLENGE: Don't Get Caught Speechless

This app has a wide range of vocabulary tests that cover the 250 most common words found on the SATs. For each word, you are tested on basic definitions, antonyms, synonyms, and positive/negative connotations.

The interface is slick and attractive, and the program includes endearing sound-effect cues and ample information about using the program. The quizzes are time-based, so you can’t run to a dictionary and skew the results. The program includes a convenient detail section for each word that includes the definition, audible pronunciation, connotation, antonym, synonym, part of speech, and an example sentence.

Most important, if you learn to use words such as “obfuscate” and “abnegation” with impunity, you will qualify for a job writing government press releases. We got 100 percent across the board. Ha.