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New iPhone Study Apps Help You Ace Your Exams

4/14/2010 by VReitano, Student Stuff

You need to study and you have an iPhone? You’re in luck! Turns out, many standardized tests have study guides for the iPhone. One of the guides I used in order to prepare for this post is the Princeton Review’s GRE iPhone application, created by Modality. This is just one of the many available applications to help you prepare–and ACE– your standardized tests this year.

Studying for tests that allow you to go to college or graduate school doesn’t have to be tedious. I remember when I was studying for the SAT, I had a box of 1,500 flashcards in order to expand my vocabulary. WHAT A CHORE! Now, you can simply download an app, save some trees, and learn all the same information on-the-go.

I used the GRE vocabulary application from Princeton Review and Modality in order to prepare for this article, but there are others I think might work as well in the app store.

The Princeton Review GRE vocabulary application is a well-written application. It allows you to master the 250 most commonly used words on the GRE through a series of games. The games consist of definitions, connotations, and synonyms and antonyms. If you’re competitive, you’ll enjoy this application because it keeps score of how many you get and how many you don’t – and then gives you a chance to learn them again, with a definition, pronunciation, and the common antonyms. I’d give it a B+, on a scale where C is average. It costs $4.99.

The Princeton Review also has an application for SAT vocabulary preparation, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, each costing $4.99.

Would you incorporate one of these applications into your study routine?