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iPhone SAT Prep App

1/12/2010 by Reporter, Digital Shepherds

While at CES, we took a second to chat with the folks at the Princeton Review booth. If you don’t know who that is, you probably don’t have a kid in high school yet, but they’re the people responsible for helping many a college hopeful brave the grueling SATs and GREs.

For the busy college bound high school student, Princeton Review teamed up with Modality (who has an impressive library of academic/educational iPod/iPhone apps) to create the SAT Vocab Challenge application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. We’ll let them tell you a little more about it. By the way, this app won the “Editor’s Choice Award” from Children’s Technology Review.



You can find the app here: SAT Vocab Challenge Lite for free. In addition, SAT Vocab Challenge Volume 1 and Volume 2 are NOW AVAILABLE for $4.99 from Apple’s App Store at