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The Top 5 Educational iPhone Apps

11/25/2009 by Gabriel, The Pinnacle POV

As technology continues to become a bigger part of the classroom, it is hard to determine which pieces will benefit students and teachers the most. And with the advances of mobile devices such as the iPhone, learning doesn’t have to stop once a student leaves school. Apple’s iPhone has over 75,000 apps for everything from games to business. But for those of you looking for some help in and outside of the classroom, these five apps will make you way cool for school.

With these apps, you’ll be moving to the front of the class in no time. From homework to health class, there really is an for that. And the iPhone has many other helpful apps in the App store on iTunes, so take a look around. After you do your homework, of course.

  1. New Oxford American Dictionary: With this app, you can have a complete dictionary in the palm of your hand. You can now take your iPhone to class and never be at a loss for words again.
  2. iHomework: As your homework begins to pile up, download this app to help you stay on track and be organized. You can view assignments by day, week or course, and monitor your progress by typing your grade.
  3. Periodic: Don’t know the atomic number of gold? Well now you can have easy access to the periodic table with this handy app. You can even organize by name, atomic number, chemical series, symbol, or phase.
  4. Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards: Ace those health exams with this cool flash card app. The best-selling Anatomy textbook by Netter’s is now a lot easier to carry around. You now have instant access to over 300 annotated images of muscles, bones, vessels, viscera, and joints. Tap to test your knowledge in quiz mode, or pinch to get a closer look.
  5. Grafly: Impress all your buddies in math class with amazing 2D and 3D graphs of equations you can examine from any angle. This app provides completely customizable and interactive graphs and is a must have for any math master.