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Elsevier and Modality Announce Line of Medical Education Applications for Apple iPhone® and iPod® touch

7/10/2008 by Press Room, Modality

Elsevier partners with Modality to bring healthcare students and professionals trusted learning and reference tools for the iPhone and iPod touch

Durham, N.C. (July 10, 2008) – Elsevier, the world’s leading publisher of science and health information, has partnered with Modality, the leader in transforming premium learning content for iPods, to create a line of iPhone and iPod touch applications designed to provide mobile learning and reference solutions for busy students in medical and healthcare education.

“Health sciences students are required to commit to memory a tremendous amount of information in a very short amount of time,” says Randy Charles, Executive Vice President Clinical Solutions at Elsevier, publishers of the Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards. “Our mission as a medical information provider is to deliver that information in the most useful ways possible. When Modality presented us with the opportunity to expand our product lines to include digital, mobile versions of our best sellers, we jumped at the chance.”

Modality’s medical and healthcare education product line for the iPhone and iPod touch is based on medical and nursing school curricula, offering students the mobile content they need on the devices that they love. Product types include illustrated atlases of human anatomy, flash cards, board review materials, practice examinations, drug reference guides, and medical dictionaries. Each product is designed to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the touchscreen iPhone and iPod touch.

“The iPhone is an ideal platform for mobile learning, particularly in medical education, and Elsevier’s world-class content is a natural fit,” says S. Mark Williams, Ph.D., CEO of Modality. “The large screen, powerful operating system, multi-touch interface, and storage capacity are unprecedented. Students can zoom through complex image sets and flash cards with the flick of a finger, tap their way through exam and quiz questions, and learn from high quality audio and video wherever they have their iPhone or iPod touch.”

The first medical and healthcare applications for iPhone to be released by Modality and Elsevier include:

  • Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards
  • Netter’s Neuroscience Flash Cards
  • Netter’s Musculoskeletal Flash Cards
  • Netter’s Advanced Head and Neck Flash Cards
  • Mosby’s iTerms Medical Terminology
  • Mosby’s Review Cards for the NCLEX-RN Examination
  • Saunder’s Q & A for the NCLEX-RN Examination
  • Pharmacology Flash Cards

All medical products will be available on the recently launched App Store, an iPhone marketplace wherein users can download applications directly to their devices. The products will work on both the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Some applications, such as Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards and Netter’s Neuroscience, are currently available via the Apple App Store. Other applications from Modality and Elsevier within weeks after the launch.