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Modality Adds Sylvius MR: Atlas of the Human Brain to Apple App Store

12/15/2008 by Press Room, Modality

DURHAM, NC–December 15, 2008–Modality, Inc., today announced its Sylvius MR: Atlas of the Human Brain application for iPhone and iPod touch is now available on the Apple App Store. This mobile learning application utilizes content from Sylvius4, the benchmark desktop application created by Pyramis Studios, Inc. to allow users to section through the brain with the flick of a finger, providing detailed identification pins and information on essential neuroanatomical structures.

“Modality’s mission is to maximize the time students and professionals spend learning by delivering trusted, need-to-know material to the device they carry with them all the time,” said Modality CEO and founder S. Mark Williams, Ph.D. “We are delighted to deliver apps that take full advantage of the innovative features of iPhone and iPod touch and we look forward to continuing to grow our presence in the medical category of the App Store.”

Sylvius MR: Atlas of the Human Brain includes over 80 fully annotated serial, T1-weighted magnetic resonance images in each principal anatomical plane.

Modality applications account for one in five medical products featured in the App Store. Subject areas include gross anatomy, neuroanatomy, musculoskeletal anatomy, head and neck anatomy, pharmacology, pathology, surgery, microbiology, histology, and medical terminology. Features such as notetaking, bookmarking and quiz modes utilize the innovative functionality of the devices to allow for anywhere, anytime customizable review.

Sylvius MR: Atlas of the Human Brain is available for $24.99 from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at