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Partnering with many of the world's leading publishers and content experts, Modality is the premier developer of digital learning, assessment, training and reference applications for Apple handheld devices.

Modality's patent-pending transformation platform enables rapid delivery of customized, branded applications for large-scale public or private distribution without sacrificing content security, usability and valuable brand characteristics. Modality was selected by Apple as one of the first developers to work with the iPhone SDK, and the company has released over 125 paid applications since the App Store opened in July 2008.

The Modality team has been creating compelling interactive digital content since 1997 and has developed proprietary techniques for displaying complex visual data on portable device screens in ways that are intuitive for the user. Modality's team is lead by a Ph.D in neuroscience and includes experienced UI, UX, and mobile learning experts to ensure that products are developed around effective learning and information access strategies. Study products are designed to augment time-on-task and produce increased retention rates. Reference products allow quick access to multiple taxonomies so consumers can use your content in ways not possible with printed text.

Contact us to learn more about working with Modality to develop your learning and reference content for iPhone® and iPod touch®.