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modalityBODY: Interactive Anatomy and Medical Imaging for iPad

Designed for iPad™
Designed for iPad™

Native iPad graphics and app controls

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A groundbreaking anatomy and medical image reference and training solution for health sciences professionals.

Health Sciences
Content Partners
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Pyramis Studios, Inc., Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc.
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Allied Health Student, Dental Student, Dentist, Health Care Professional, Health Sciences Student, Medical Student, Nurse, Nursing Student, Physician, Pre-Med
Version 1.4.1 Updated on Nov 22, 2010Released on Apr 03, 2010 Compatible with iPad Requires iOS 3.2 or later 1.30 MB
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** Highlighted by Steve Jobs in Apple's 2010 WWDC Keynote **

Use modalityBODY to organize, annotate, search and store thousands of medical images and create custom image collections for study and reference.  modalityBODY, exclusively for iPad, offers a groundbreaking anatomy and medical image reference and training solution for health sciences professionals.

Get started in one of two ways:

1) Import your own images, drop pins to create annotations, and organize them into albums.

2) Visit the modalityBODY store and register to both download free and paid premium content from world-class commercially available anatomical and medical imaging atlases and flash cards.  SylviusMR and the Atlas of Anatomy Sampler from Thieme are available today for free, with much more coming soon.

The size and quality of the iPad display, combined with its portability and ease of use, makes it a revolutionary device for interacting with medical images. The modalityBODY App for iPad is a gateway that allows you to create extensive, customized image libraries of the human body for professional reference, training, and patient education.

  • Create your own medical image reference library from world-class, commercially available anatomical and medical imaging atlases and flash cards
  • Upload clinical case images and notes of your own or drawn from publicly available open source databases
  • Organize, sort, search and store thousands of images in a single app
  • Pan across anatomical images and zoom in on specific structures quickly
  • View full atlas plates and pages in Page Mode
  • Annotate images with custom labels to identify anatomical structures and mark important features
  • Locate specific anatomical landmarks and data points quickly within the your library using modalityBODY’s optimized index
  • Access Google, Wikipedia, and PubMed for additional information on specific structures


PLEASE NOTE: The modalityBODY application requires users to register in order to download free premium content sets from within the app.

The modalityBODY Store will expand rapidly with more professional reference and educational image sets from the most trusted brands and emerging leaders in the field of health sciences imaging, learning and assessment. Ongoing feature and functionality enhancements will ensure that modalityBODY remains the most intuitive, most effective way to access anatomical content on a mobile device.


Anatomy, Medical, Nursing, Dental, Health Care, USMLE, Allied Health, Flash Cards, Clinical

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Reviews & Accolades

  • I'm a neurosurgeon in training and from my perspective the iPad is going to change the way we work. To all the people out there calling it just a big iPod touch - you don't know what you're talking about. This device is a game changer. If you work in a cubicle or office then you probably don't get it. For those of us that need to read and write while walking on rounds or on the go, then you understand. Modality apps are the most elegant medical apps for the iPhone or iPad.

    - area51 on iTunes
  • Modality, Inc.'s big break came calling via mobile phone.

    - Raymund Flandez on Wall Street Journal
  • I am a medical student and I use this app all the time. Yes, you do have to pay for Netter's and other items, but it is well worth it considering the price of medical text books. I have my iPad with me all the time and I'm constantly using it to review material. The portability of information and convenience that Modality provides can't be overstated. The images are incredibly crisp and it's beyond easy to use. If you are not in the field then this app probably wouldn't do you any good, but if you are a student or practicing, you can't beat the convenience of this.

    - medstudent111 on iTunes