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Netter's Histology Flash Cards

Designed for iPad™
Designed for iPad™

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modalityBODY Content
modalityBODY Content

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Available as In App Purchase Version 1.1 Released on Sep 13, 2010 Compatible with iPad
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These flash cards highlight salient microscopic features of cells, tissues, and organs of the body to reinforce knowledge of clinical relevance of histological structure and function, using the same anatomical illustrations from Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy.

At-a-glance card organization helps you recognize and interpret microscopic sections quickly. Cards are broken down into two main sections, and further divided for easy reference:

Section 1: Cells and Tissues

• The Cell - 11 images
• Epithelium and Exocrine Glands - 11 images
• Connective Tissue - 10 images
• Muscle Tissue - 10 images
• Nervous Tissue - 12 images
• Cartilage and Bone - 10 images
• Blood and Bone Marrow - 10 images

Section 2: Systems

• Cardiovascular System - 11 images
• Lymphoid System - 10 images
• Endocrine System - 12 images
• Integumentary System - 12 images
• Upper Digestive System - 11 images
• Lower Digestive System - 13 images
• Liver, Gallbladder, and Exocrine Process - 12 images
• Respiratory System - 12 images
• Urinary System - 10 images
• Male Reproductive System - 10 images
• Female Reproductive System - 12 images
• Eye and Adnexa - 11 images
• Special Senses - 13 images

This volume is comprised of the content found in the print product of the same name, authored by William K. Ovalle, PhD, and Patrick C. Nahirney, PhD. For additional content details, visit

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Histology, Anatomy, Flash Cards, Allied Health, Nursing, Dental, Health Care, Medical, Clinical

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