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Netter's Concise Radiologic Anatomy

Designed for iPad™
Designed for iPad™

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modalityBODY Content

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Available as In App Purchase Version 1.1 Released on Aug 21, 2010 Compatible with iPad
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Match modern diagnostic images with a subset of the anatomic drawings from the Atlas of Human Anatomy, by Dr. Frank Netter, and enable a comfortable familiarity with how human anatomy is typically viewed in clinical practice.

A regional organization parallels Netter's Atlas as well as most of today's anatomy classes. More than 400 fully annotated atlas and radiologic images include:

• Head and Neck - 116 images
• Back and Spinal Cord - 34 images
• Thorax - 56 images
• Abdomen - 70 images
• Pelvis and Perineum - 34 images
• Upper Limb - 66 images
• Lower Limb - 50 images

This volume is comprised of the content found in the print product of the same name, authored by Edward Weber, DO, Joel Vilensky, PhD, and Stephen Carmichael, PhD, DSc. For additional content details, visit

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Anatomy, Medical, Health Care, USMLE, Allied Health, Clinical

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  • I am a medical student and I use this app all the time. Yes, you do have to pay for Netter's and other items, but it is well worth it considering the price of medical text books. I have my iPad with me all the time and I'm constantly using it to review material. The portability of information and convenience that Modality provides can't be overstated. The images are incredibly crisp and it's beyond easy to use. If you are not in the field then this app probably wouldn't do you any good, but if you are a student or practicing, you can't beat the convenience of this.

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