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Imaging Atlas of Human Anatomy

Designed for iPad™
Designed for iPad™

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modalityBODY Content
modalityBODY Content

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Available as In App Purchase Version 1.1 Released on Oct 04, 2010 Compatible with iPad
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The Imaging Atlas of Human Anatomy, 4th edition, presents a healthy human body as seen via the full range of modern imaging techniques. Content includes images showing cross-sectional views in CT and MRI, nuclear medicine imaging, and more.

Based on the print atlas, written by Jamie Weir, Peter Abrahams, Jonathan D. Spratt, and Lonie Salkowski, this content collection offers a complete view of the structures and relationships within the body through a variety of imaging modalities.

  • 849 annotated images
  • 2421 distinct structures
  • 250+ pages

Toggle between individual image views and corresponding page layouts in modalityBODY's Page Mode, where you'll find tables and contextual notes that the authors, editors and publishers created for the original source materials.

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Medical, Anatomy, Clinical

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  • Modality, Inc.'s big break came calling via mobile phone.

    - Raymund Flandez on Wall Street Journal
  • I am a medical student and I use this app all the time. Yes, you do have to pay for Netter's and other items, but it is well worth it considering the price of medical text books. I have my iPad with me all the time and I'm constantly using it to review material. The portability of information and convenience that Modality provides can't be overstated. The images are incredibly crisp and it's beyond easy to use. If you are not in the field then this app probably wouldn't do you any good, but if you are a student or practicing, you can't beat the convenience of this.

    - medstudent111 on iTunes
  • I'm a neurosurgeon in training and from my perspective the iPad is going to change the way we work. To all the people out there calling it just a big iPod touch - you don't know what you're talking about. This device is a game changer. If you work in a cubicle or office then you probably don't get it. For those of us that need to read and write while walking on rounds or on the go, then you understand. Modality apps are the most elegant medical apps for the iPhone or iPad.

    - area51 on iTunes